Should You Replace or Restore Your Air Duct System?

hvac air duct cleaning

Should You Replace or Restore Your Air Duct System?

Air duct system cleaning

In the U.S. alone, more than 30% of adults regularly suffer from allergies, and this number is thought to be even higher in children. While allergies and their symptoms may be mild for some, for others they can be extremely detrimental to their health and can even prevent them from living a normal life. So, what’s causing these allergies?

With the average home in America playing host to more than double the amount of pollutants typically found outside, the very air we’re breathing when we’re relaxing at home, could be responsible for many common but potentially serious allergies.

Some common allergy symptoms include itchy or watery eyes, a sore throat and a cough, and for anyone with a compromised immunity or preexisting health condition, these symptoms can be life threatening. When foreign particles such as dust and mold spores are introduced into our lungs, they can affect our breathing, sleep and overall quality of life; for many, exposure to dust particles and mold spores can make life truly miserable.

If you or anyone in your home is regularly experiencing the following symptoms, it could mean that they are being exposed to foreign particles, and this is most commonly through dirty air ducts in heating and cooling systems:

  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Coughing
  • Sore throat
  • Allergies and asthma

The International Agency for Research on Cancer has also classified the fiberglass used in many air ducts to be a possible cause of lung cancer.

Duct board is commonly used in many U.S. homes in the heating and cooling systems, and is a fiberglass insulator. Over time, the duct material breaks down and tiny particles of fiberglass are released into the air that you and your family are breathing, causing potentially harmful health conditions.

Do your air ducts need cleaning, restoring or replacing?

If you’re worried about the risks your air ducts could be exposing you and other members of your household to, then you should arrange for them to be inspected and cleaned at the earliest. In some cases, the system may need to be restored or even replaced, and only a detailed assessment from a duct specialist will tell you which option is the most viable. Naturally, replacing an A/C duct system can be costly, and most homeowners only go down this route when there is no other option.

If air duct restoration is a possibility, this is what your air duct specialist will do:

  • Use a high-performance coating designed to bridge and reinforce the duct liner
  • The coating will dry to form a flexible and moisture resistant protective coating that will help prevent the buildup of harmful mold and bacteria
  • The duct is lined with a disinfectant spray to reduce bacteria growth in the future

This two-step process costs a lot less than replacing your entire heating and cooling system, and can not only breathe new life into the ducts, but into the lungs of your home’s inhabitants!

If you take one thing away from this article, it should be to never neglect the maintenance of your air ducts. Having them cleaned regularly, or restored where necessary, can help prevent a whole host of potentially dangerous pollutants from entering your home.

We can’t control the air we breathe when we step outside, but we can certainly protect the air inside our own homes!

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How HVAC Duct Cleaning Can Improve Air Quality in Your Home

HVAC Duct Cleaning

The very air we breathe is often responsible for how we feel, both mentally and physically, and that includes the air inside our homes, too. To perform at our optimum every day, we need to reduce the number of pollutants that we’re exposed to on a daily base, and having our HVAC air ducts regularly cleaned can contribute significantly towards this.

Why is air quality in our homes so important?

Poor indoor air quality can have an immediate negative impact upon our health, and can include eye, nose and throat irritation, and even result in symptoms such as dizziness, headaches and fatigue. Due to the fact that many of these symptoms mimic those of allergies or common colds, many Americans don’t even realize that the way they’re feeling could be caused by the poor air quality inside their homes.

For anyone failing to address the causes of poor air quality inside their homes over an extended period of time – such as dirty or blocked HVAC air ducts – they may go on to experience more serious health concerns, such as respiratory diseases, cancer and even heart disease.

What can you do to improve the air quality in your home?

Proactiveness is key when it comes to having good indoor air quality (IAQ) circulating throughout your home, and having your HVAC air ducts cleaned on a regular basis, can help you achieve this safely and efficiently.

How often should you have your HVAC air ducts cleaned?

While the answer may vary for each household, typically, if you notice any of the below issues, you should call a technician and have them come out and clean the ducts as soon as possible:

  • Visible mold on the hard surfaces of your HVAC ducts and other components
  • Clogged ducts – whether from dust or debris, or after a remodeling project
  • Rodents or other pests inhabiting the ducts

Additionally, if you or anyone living in your home suffers from allergies, asthma or chronic illnesses, having the air ducts cleaned regularly can significantly improve the indoor air quality, in turn, minimizing their symptoms.

While the air we breathe outside of our homes may not be within our control, what we can do more to control, is the air inside our homes. If you’re not sure whether your HVAC air ducts need cleaning, or can’t remember when they were last professionally cleaned (if at all), simply call up a technician and have them come out and assess the system for any of the signs mentioned above. If your HVAC air ducts haven’t been cleaned in many months, the chances are that they’ll benefit from being professionally cleaned, and all members of your household will undoubtedly notice the difference, too.

Air Duct Cleaning NJDetailed Guide of Steps Involved in Air Duct Cleaning

Ultimate Guide to Air Duct Cleaning in NJ: Steps for a Dust-Free and Efficient HVAC System

Air ducts are installed and then left on their own in most households. Very few residents understand the concept of dust and dirt accumulation and its repercussions. If you have an HVAC system running 24/7 for the whole year, the chances of it being heavily clogged are very high. This is the reason why HVAC experts recommend periodic air duct inspection and cleaning. Finding a competent air duct cleaning service is a chore and hiring incompetent cleaners does more harm than good. I will be listing down the steps that are involved in a professional duct cleaning procedure so that you can ensure that your selected cleaning service is doing the job correctly.

Duct Inspection

The primary stage of performing a duct cleaning is to meticulously inspect all the ducts connected to the HVAC system. Depending upon the extent of clogging, the cleaning professional may require the use of a camera to inspect the duct. Pre-inspection is done to find out any cracks, leaks, or severe damage to the duct installed in the residence. Before beginning the cleaning process, the duct cleaning professional will plug these persistent leaks and repair the entire duct system.

Leveraging Negative Pressure

Cleaning professionals make use of negative pressure to force out the settled dust, dirt, and debris in your ventilation ducts. Professional cleaning services use (HEPA) vacuum that can effectively remove the dirt accumulation lodged in the crevices of the vents, vent openings, and other difficult-to-reach areas. Firstly, the side and connecting ducts are cleaned, and all the debris is forced down to the main connecting line. Then a powerful vacuuming tool is used to extract all the remaining particles inside the primary duct.

HVAC Cleaning

After cleaning the complete air duct system, the cleaning professionals then move on to inspecting and cleaning the installed HVAC systems and their components. Every major part of the system including furnace, evaporator coil, drain pan, air blower motor, etc is inspected and cleaned, to restore their maximum working potential. The inspection also reveals any inherent flaws in your systems that can be the root cause of the sub-par heating and cooling capacity.

Final Check

After the cleaning of all the air ducts installed in the house and the HVAC system is complete, the cleaning professionals will connect them and observe their working for some time. The final check also ensures that everything is properly fitted and connected, and the house owners do not have to avail of the cleaning or technicians service for the next few months.

Air duct cleaning extends the life of your HVAC system. It also makes sure that the air flowing into your house is free of any allergens and disease-causing microbes, that is seeping into the house via the cracks in the ducts. Periodic cleaning of air ducts helps you save a significant amount on operating costs, and ensure optimum air quality for you and your family.

Air Duct Cleaning NJDetailed Guide of Steps Involved in Air Duct Cleaning

Pro Tips to Prepare Your Home for Air Duct Cleaning NJ During Covid-19

Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning NJ

HVAC systems receive their fair share of maintenance and repair from time to time but the ducts carrying the air are not maintained like them. Like the HVAC systems, the ventilation ducts get clogged with dust, dirt, cobwebs, etc. when left unattended for a long time. Opting for a duct cleaning service amid this Covid-19 pandemic is another challenge in itself. This post will shed some light on how to prepare your home and yourself if you want to conduct a duct cleaning service.

Cover the flooring and the furniture

Duct cleaning generates a lot of dust and dirt in the air that slowly lodge into every exposed crevice. During Covid-19, it is imperative to avoid any physical contact of your belongings with another person, so covering your furniture and floors completely makes sense. Usually, the professionals would do it for you but your peace of mind and minimizing the risk of contamination, you do it yourself.

Keep the mask on at all times

It seems useless to even tell this one but please keep your face covered at all times with a genuine face mask. Avoid copying the chin mask habit and keep your face covered while interacting with the professionals. Also, restrict the entry of any professional who fails to comply with the basic Covid-19 precautions and report it to the concerned company.

Converse with the duct cleaning company

Before initiating a duct cleaning session, enquire the cleaning service about the precautions that they are taking to prevent the spread of Covid-19 while executing duct cleaning services at your residence. A few pointers to look for including a must-have PPE kit rule for all professionals, periodic temperature checks and usage of safety gear, sanitization of tools and surfaces, and not allowing even mildly sick employees to report for a duct cleaning appointment.

Separate sanitation facilities

Duct cleaning professionals have to put in long hours to make your ventilation spick and span. They will need to use the bathroom during these hours, so it is advisable to designate a separate washroom for the duct cleaning professionals. This way you can keep both your family and the professionals from cross-contamination and spread of the virus.

Clear out the space

Duct cleaning services require bigger space and make sure to clear out the area for the professionals. You can confine yourself in a separate room until the cleaning is complete or can even go out for a short drive to avoid contact with the cleaning service. You can enquire the duct cleaning service about their requirements and the area they need to work in without any disturbance. Make sure to list your concerns before booking the duct cleaning service.

These above mentioned precautions might seem a little excessive but must be strictly followed for the safety of your household and cleaning service as well. An adept duct cleaning service doesn’t take long but still can be there for a whole working day. So, plan and implement all these measures before they arrive.

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Air Duct Cleaning Duct gurus

Duct Cleaning Services Curb Your Energy Expenses

Duct Cleaning Services Curb Your Energy Expenses

Tried all methods but still are unable to curb your energy expenses? Well, maybe you are putting efforts in the wrong place. HVAC systems pump a lot of air into your home each day using the ventilation system. Over time, dust, dirt, and other particles can accumulate and stick inside the duct system. As your duct keeps getting thick and clogged from inside, your HVAC system has to put a lot of effort to cool the same space. Here are a few reasons why opting for duct cleaning services can help you maximize your energy savings.

Identify and repair leaks

When you conduct a duct cleaning service, the professionals finely scrutinize the entire system for leaks. Even small leaks can lead to a loss of the air that is being cooled and then transferred to the residence. If you have left those crevices unattended, you are wasting a lot of energy to cool your residence. Also, temporarily plugging the leaks with DIY won’t provide the level of efficiency as done by a duct cleaning and maintenance professional.

Clean ducts translate to energy savings

Clogged ducts can impede the fresh air flow into your residence. The result is that your HVAC system has to put a lot of extra effort to supply air and maintain a constant temperature. So, by cleaning the ducts you can restore the natural flow of air and not overburden your HVAC system 24/7. It also adds years to your HVAC system’s life which has to work comparatively less.

Pristine air quality

If your HVAC system is continuing to pump air across the clogged air ducts, it is forcing a lot of contamination into the residence. People with allergies and asthma can quickly fall prey to bad air quality and suffer frequent sneezing, exasperation, and irritation due to the bad air quality. You must opt for a thorough duct cleaning service to keep your ducts free of any build-up that can aggravate the health issues of your family. Furthermore, clean air with minimal pollution levels helps you to be fit and healthy and not damage your lungs in the long run.

Increase air filter life

Air filters play a crucial role in keeping out the debris from entering the HVAC system and damaging intricate components. If you have clean air ducts that are serviced periodically, the air filter will have to sustain less abuse every time it draws in the air via the ducts. Manually cleaning your air filter is also recommended which is fairly easy and rarely requires professional supervision.

The above-mentioned reasons will compel you to at least get an inspection done on your air duct system. Ducts are often misinterpreted to remain top-notch despite any effort, which is not true. In addition to periodic HVAC system maintenance, you should also hire an efficient duct cleaning services company that can restore the clogged air ducts to their original state. Believe me, you’ll notice a substantial decrease in the HVAC system’s energy consumption in the first year itself.

Could Dirty Airducts Be Harming Your Health?

Dirty Airducts

We sometimes take the air that we breathe for granted, and when we’re inside our homes, most of us rarely give it a second thought. However, dirty air inside our homes can actually make us pretty sick, highlighting the importance of getting such things as air ducts, vents, and filters regularly cleaned.

Whether you realize it or not, the poor air quality inside your home can contain the following things:

  • Dust and dust mites
  • Pollen
  • Mold and mildew
  • Fungal spores
  • Bacteria and viruses
  • Rodent feces
  • Chemical pollutants (such as by-products of tobacco)

Any one of which can have a whole host of negative effects on your health.

Allergens, growths, diseases, and pollutants; what’s contained in your dirty air ducts can be harmful to your health, and if you, or anyone in your household, has been displaying any of the following symptoms, this could indicate that your air ducts are in need of a good clean:

  • Coughing, frequent sneezing, a sore throat, congestion or runny/itchy eyes
  • Difficulty breathing and/or worsening allergies or asthma attacks
  • Headaches
  • Low-grade fever
  • Eczema, rashes or hives
  • Feeling lethargic and tired more than usual

Let’s look at some of these conditions in a little more detail and understand how dirty air ducts can exacerbate them:

How dirty air ducts can worsen asthma, allergies, and pulmonary conditions

If you or someone in your household suffers from asthma, then increased allergens in the indoor air resulting from dirty air ducts, could trigger more frequent and longer attacks. Also, for anyone with pulmonary health conditions, research shows that their symptoms lessen and their condition improves when the air ducts in the home are regularly cleaned.

Can dirty airducts cause respiratory infections?

Upper respiratory infections can present themselves in the form of coughing and sneezing, sore throats and runny noses, headaches, and low-grade fevers, and if you or someone in your household is experiencing these symptoms more than normal, the air ducts in the home could be dirty and need cleaning. If left untreated, some respiratory infections can lead to more serious conditions such as bronchitis or pneumonia.

Sinus infections, colds and unclean airducts

Dirty air ducts will encourage polluted air to circulate through the home, which could even contain bacteria and viruses. Transmission of such nasty pollutants can gradually find their way into the sinuses of those living in your home and cause painful infections, or common colds.

Could your air ducts be making your skin dry and itchy?

If you or someone in your home has a skin condition such as eczema, rashes, or hives, then the mold and mildew typically found in dirty air ducts, could worsen their condition.

If you’re always tired and generally unwell, it could be your grubby air ducts

Fighting bacteria is tiring, and if your dirty air ducts are causing polluted air to circulate throughout your home, this could explain why you or other members of the household are always feeling lethargic and unwell. While experts recommend that you have your air ducts cleaned thoroughly and professionally, every 3 to 5 years, if you’re experiencing any of the above symptoms, don’t wait to do something about your dirty ducts, get them cleaned right away.

A Brief Guide to Air Duct Cleaning

According to NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) “Dirty air ducts lead to health issues for people with respiratory problems, immune disorders, asthma and allergies”. The Environmental Protection Agency says that “homes are 2-5% more polluted than the outdoors”.

Why are we mentioning this? Well, simply because we tend to install everything in our house to make our lives convenient and comfortable, but don’t really do much about its maintenance, and in turn risk our health the most. The house which may appear to be clean, may actually be the breeding place for a number of infections and diseases. One of which is unclean or dirty air ducts. Air ducts contain contaminants such as dirt, dust, hair, dander, allergens, mites, rodents and their droppings, which can lead to serious health issues.

Cleaning the Air Ducts

Cleaning of the air ducts is done, by highly trained and skilled professionals, who are experts in handling some of the most sophisticated machines and equipment. The entire dirt is vacuumed out with the help of the powerful suction done by the attached vacuum pipe to the duct. Before beginning to clean the duct, all the vents are covered with plastic sheets. This helps in restricting the air flow and creates maximum vacuum needed for proper cleaning. A spinning brush is used to clean the boot and the connected duct. All the dirt and debris is vacuumed straight into the vacuum truck, leaving your duct clean.

A High pressure hose is also used to clean off the vent diffuser. With time a lot of dirt and grease tends to sit on the diffusers, which is cleaned with chemicals and water spray to remove stains and dirt.

Coils are the most important part of HVAC air duct cleaning. Dust and dirt needs to be vacuumed well, so that there is no ice freezing outside the coil as a result of any potential damage caused due to improper cleaning.

High pressure air hose with a ball attachment can be used to clean flexible air ducts without causing any damage to the duct. The furnace motor and coils are cleaned with utmost care and prevention.

Once the cleaning process is over, every duct is sanitized and deodorized, leaving behind fresh and clean air.

Types of Cleaning

  • Residential Air Duct Cleaning: Whether it’s a single apartment, condo or duplex its ducts would not remain to be a breeding ground for debris or dirt.
  • Commercial Air Duct Cleaning: Office spaces are most often neglected the most. Employees spend a good amount of time in the office, not realizing that the comfortable looking office is probably causing more harm. Offices have supply diffusers and return grades. Supply diffusers are often cleaned with chemical and then rinsed to get rid of the grease.
  • Hospital Air Duct Cleaning: A place where people go to get healed, must at all times remain clean, and that’s when we come in action.

Airport Air Duct Cleaning: One of the busiest places have our attention too. A timely maintenance is crucial for the smooth running of the airports and cleaning of its air ducts is one of them.



Aero furnace and duct cleaning service professionals are responsible for the climate of your house and air pathways. They go through incredible vacuums to suck residue and contaminations during comprehensive aero furnace and duct cleaning.  If you are trying to stay warm in the winters and during snow falling your furnace needs to be work properly and efficiently. For this, the proper cleaning of your furnace is necessary. However, what is involved in this process may not be so clear. Knowing how different aero furnace and duct cleaning are will help you take care of your furnace.

What is involved in Aero Furnace and duct cleaning:

All the furnaces and ducts in your home require yearly annual inspection and cleaning your heater needs to run as securely and effectively as could be expected. If you perform an annual inspection for your duct and furnace this will help your system components last longer. The yearly checkup that you perform not only includes cleaning but preparing and remedying breakdowns before they cause genuine harm.

To perform routinely aero furnace and duct cleaning our technician will:

  1. Test the indoor regulator and controls for exactness.
  2. Clean the blower engine and test its activity
  3. Clean and investigate the warmth exchanger and ignition chamber get together
  4. Measure for ideal wind stream
  5. Investigate your conduits for blockages and breaks
  6. Test the gas pressing factor and check for spills.
  7. Investigate for free wires and electrical associations.

When our trained and skilled technician perform all these steps your ducts and furnace are now able to give you a satisfactory response. An appropriately and skilled worker will guarantee that your ventilation work ends up perfect and flawless. Ductgurus guarantee that you get an administration that fulfills the business guideline for quality.

The atmosphere of furnace and duct:

The atmosphere of the furnace and duct is a critical factor of cleaning. it might go about as a transporter for key components simultaneously, or it might put on a good show being heat treated from the impacts of openness to air while additionally presented to significantly raised temperatures. As a transporter, the climate is synthetically responsive with the surface and prompts improved surface qualities to help cycles like solidifying. As a defensive air, its undertaking is the inverse: it shields the outside of the part from synthetically responding with conceivably unsafe components in the air.

aero furnace and duct cleaning.jpg

Contingent upon the warmth treatment measure played out, the absence of a controlled defensive air can cause a synthetic response on the outside of the part, which will harm its quality and execution, and will prompt dismissal of the part. Then again, the inability to identify the part issue will bring about monetary misfortune, lost time, and possibly perilous ramifications for the staff utilizing the part. Also, inappropriate climate control can harm the warmer and even reason injury to representatives. The environment of your home, office, or building is clean and fresh. But make sure that you are choosing the right and effective duct cleaner specialist.

The atmosphere matters a lot during aero furnace and duct cleaning. Your health is the top priority to live a happy and beautiful life so for this, Ductgurus will protect you and your home from harmful disease. And make your home a happy place to live in for you and for your loved ones. Hope so you are not disappointed with our work.

The proper method of Cleaning:

Despite which equipment or tool is utilized, it is fundamental that specific techniques are utilized during a conduit cleaning. These techniques guarantee that your channels are left totally perfect, and no foreign substances are delivered into your home simultaneously. There are many methods available, for aero furnace and duct cleaning but which one is more reliable and effective for your ducts is tricky to find.

Assortment of Contaminants: During your aero furnace and duct cleaning we put your ventilation work under adverse tension (vacuum) to forestall the spread of foreign substances (dust, hair, and so on) The nonstop adverse pressing factor permits extremely fine particles to be taken out from the framework as they become airborne, guaranteeing that these particles are not delivered into the living space when the framework is walked out on after the cleaning.

aero furnace and duct cleaning.jpg

Loosening up Pollutants: Appropriately cleaning air pipes requires eliminating the wellsprings of tainting. This starts with the utilization of at least one upsetting gadget intended to slacken toxins from the surfaces of the ventilation work. We use brushes, air whips, and compacted air. Hand brushing or contact vacuuming can likewise extricate toxins and flotsam and jetsam. Thus, this is a very effective method for aero furnace and duct cleaning.

Framework Access: Since each house or building is remarkable in its own particular manner, each central air framework is set up a tad in an unexpected way. Where conceivable, our specialist will get to your air channels through the entirety of your inventory registers, cold air returns, and will likewise cut admittance openings in the ventilation work to reach inside with different cleaning instruments. Making these assistance openings and fixing the openings requires craftsmanship and expert preparation.

Ductgurus Professional and services:

Our trained and skilled professional works and perform all their task sincerely. The staff of ductgurus is highly educated and gets full training in cleaning the ducts of your home. Our services are very popular in New Jersey, Monmouth County,  Morris County, Bridgewater NJ, Middlesex County, and much more.  We give both residential, commercial cleaning services to our customers that enhance the indoor air quality of your home, office, or building. And the health of your loved one becomes healthy. This step of cleaning will protect you from many harmful diseases. In our cleaning services, we also include Exterior bird guard installation, Multi-residential dryer vents. Disinfecting and deodorizing and much more.

To know more about the aero furnace and duct cleaning services you should visit our platform. Or simply contact us at +1-732-812-7799. We are available 24 hours a day to help you and to give you a  fast and great response.


Air duct cleaning


As there are many air duct and dryer vent cleaning companies claim to be the best, but which one is actually working well? And what services you exactly want to go with. There must be a question in your mind about the best air duct cleaning company in NJ. If you are living in NJ, you should first need to know how often you should clean the air ducts according to the environmental factors. Environment is a major factor to consider while considering how often you should clean your ducts.

Duct Gurus is providing residential, commercial and industrial air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning and the best experience to their clients. One can consider Duct Gurus as best air duct cleaning company in NJ.

Many citizens experience health problems due to humidity and health problems without knowing the cause. Air duct cleaning can a cause. Either you are experiencing bad air in your home or office, you need to look at your ducts. Duct cleaning is as important for your working team as it is for your family members. It will add up to the work efficiency in your office.


Nowadays, when the entire world is going through the pandemic, cleaning and sanitizing the air ducts has becomebest air duct cleaning company in nj more important to all of us. While searching for the best air duct cleaning company in NJ, you should see if they are giving services like duct sanitizing and chemical washing or not.

If you want air in your home to get free from bacteria along with things that may affect the quality of the oxygen, it is vital that you pay special care about your air ducts along with the cleaning treatments that you simply use. Finding the best air duct cleaning company in NJ for your air ducts is not merely about keeping them clean but additionally going the extra mile by requesting duct sanitizing and disinfecting services.


If you want the best means to fix take care of your air ducts, you might start by reviewing the distinct differences between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting these areas. Though cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfection may similar, you will find slight differences.

Air duct cleaning services: It’s supposed to manually remove solid matter from the ducts. This can include many allergens that can bother those with allergies, especially since some air ducts could be filled with dirt, clogs, mold, and bacteria that need to get removed.

Air duct cleaning and sanitizing: This goes a stride beyond cleaning, with extra steps to lessen the amount of bacteria, germs, and also other microorganisms as well as removing dirt and debris.

Air duct cleaning and disinfecting: The primary objective on this type of treatment methods are to kill germs and viruses readily available surfaces so they do not cause health issues like allergies, asthma, and viruses like COVID-19. For example, a well-known disinfectant Sporicidin kills nearly completely of bacteria, viruses and fungi with a surface in 10 mins!


best air duct cleaning company in njDUCTS?

Our company uses the sporicidal fogging method. The disinfectant gets aerosolized into tiny droplets, ensuring an entire coating on every surface of ductwork. To sanitize and disinfect your air ducts, our techs utilize an EPA-registered disinfectant solution that’s called Sporicidal. This is fragrance-free, low-toxic treatment that’s presently utilized in hospitals, medical offices along with other healthcare facility environments. Therefore, it really is effective enough being used against viruses like COVID-19.


Not necessary. Regular air duct cleaning will do in most cases. You should sanitize air ducts only in special circumstances.


Customers should sanitize and disinfect their air ducts if:

  • Somebody has medical problems (asthma allergies, tuberculosis, or any other diseases that happen to be transmitted by airborne droplets).
  • You keep pets in your own home.
  • There is surely an unpleasant odor within your ductwork.
  • You have noticed water leaks / water damage as part of your air duct system.
  • You suspect mold, bacteria, viruses, and fungi presence in air ducts.

Technicians of the best air duct cleaning company in NJ must work to eliminate all of these factors.


After you’ve had sanitizing and disinfecting solutions performed in your own home, you might know how long these solutions last. HVAC sanitizing services need to last about a few months. If the situation at home has changed because the last disinfecting service, including contagious illness in your house, you would possibly consider your air ducts again. Therefore, for anyone who is concerned about your loved ones and COVID-19 and keeping your air ducts virus-free, you might consider these residential sanitizing solutions for an extra precautionary measure.

best air duct cleaning company in njIS AIR DUCT SANITIZING AND DISINFACTING SAFE?

It is dependent upon what is used in mid-air ducts and if it really is applied correctly. Experienced techs recognize how to disinfect air ducts safely. In terms of what’s used, you can tell you that Sporicidin, a disinfectant we are familiar with, is protected. This disinfectant has EPA toxicity ratings of Category IV – Very Low acute oral, acute dermal, acute inhalation, and skin irritation. This is the lowest rating for antimicrobials.


Duct Gurus technicians are certified, licensed and insured. That is why you could be calm when Gurus are working in your home or office. As mentioned above that duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning both are important for the health of your office team and family members, you can contact us anytime you need. We will guide you how and what type of cleaning you exactly need.

We provide air duct and ductwork sanitizing services in Monmouth County, Union County, Morris County, Middlesex County, Essex County, NJ and more.

If you need to order air duct fogging service or maybe have doubts about our services just contact our representatives today. Call +1-732-812-7799!


How often should air ducts be cleaned

How often should air ducts be cleaned?This is the most common question nowadays people asked? Air duct cleaning is a very necessary step to prevent dust and debris that is build up in your air duct, dryer vent, or HVAC system. This will help you to improve the indoor air quality and give a clean, fresh environment. But How do you know that it’s the right time to clean your air ducts? Or, When have you cleaned your air ducts last time?

How Often Should Air ducts be cleaned?

If you are considering how regularly to clean air conduits, you presumably speculate your home’s air isn’t fit as a fiddle; you may even be worried about your family’s good health. That’s why expert of ductgurus suggests you clean your air ducts every three to five years. As we all know that, clean air ducts are the easiest way to improve indoor air quality. If you don’t take a step to clean your air ducts regularly this will cause a respiratory problem and generate pollen, dust, dirt, and debris that will circulate around your home and polluting your environment. How often should air ducts be cleaned? depend on several factors like climate, location, HVAC system working, and health issues.

When should I clean my ducts?

How often should air ducts be cleaned

A decent dependable guideline for property holders is to clean their channels each three to five years. This is the base, as this is the timeframe that it can take for the channels to top back off with coarseness and grime after intensive cleaning. Be that as it may, a few mortgage holders will require more regular cleanings. As indicated by Ductgurus, you may wish to put resources into air conduit cleaning all the more oftentimes in the event that you:

  • Live in a more established home.
  • Disapprove of residue.
  • Have a smoker in the home.
  • Have somebody with respiratory sickness at home.
  • Have pets.
  • Have hypersensitivities or live with somebody with sensitivities.
  • In case you’re managing any of these issues, you might need to put resources into more continuous cleanings.

So, How often should air ducts be cleaned means if you see all these signs or factors in your home? Then call the best air duct cleaner ductgurus for better response and result. By picking the correct organization to clean your air pipes you will get more advantages, and not simply the cleaner air channel framework. You will get great and genuine assistance, proficient and learned staff, and you will have somebody to converse with for any issue or needs you may have with your air pipe cleaning.

 How often should air ducts be cleaned


Remember: these issues are likely indications of bigger issues inconsequential to channel care. In the event that you don’t take care of those basic issues, these indications will repeat paying little mind to conduit cleaning. How often should air ducts be cleaned? in a month is also important to be known.

How would I be able to deal with secure my air duct between cleanings?

After discussing How often should air ducts be cleaned?Now you will come to know  There are various things you can never really shield your air ducts from tainting between cleans. Things like: Ensuring you’re utilizing the most ideal channels offered by your HVAC supplier’s maker. Vacuum and residue your home routinely. Doing normal reviews of your channels to ensure air isn’t bypassing channels through holes or free fittings. Changing your channels routinely. During HVAC support, make a point to clear out the duct pans and cooling curls. By considering all these you should be able to secure your air ducts. And you should be able to know How often should air ducts be cleaned.

Changes to your place of residence or domicile:

How often should air ducts be cleaned

When is it essential to clean your pipes? That is an inquiry that faces new and current mortgage holders. Cleaning ought to be done while moving into another home, particularly if the past proprietor was a smoker, pet-proprietor, or on the off chance that they didn’t support the channels inside the most recent three years.

When fabricating another home, air channel cleaning attempts to free your place of drywall dust and other development garbage that aggregates all the while. The fulfillment of a home redesigning task should warrant an appropriate cleaning as sawdust and different remainders can invade your conduits. Hope so you get much more about How often should air ducts be cleaned?

Newly constructed home ducts should be cleaned?

Finally, the dream of your new house comes true. Everyone is excited to shift to the new home. You’ve called the moving truck and you start getting together your effects which are packed into your third transitory rental. The family strolls into their recently developed home and starts the unloading interaction. Your most seasoned girl is eager to have her own room and rapidly raises her case of apparel to the recently outfitted room.

With new development comes loads of sawing and sanding which brings about a huge gathering of residue. A few workers for hire keep the windows open and run a Shop-Vac which sucks in the sawdust and holds the particles back from flying around the room. Not generally accomplishes this work and all the time airborne particles either land someplace or get sucked into your HVAC framework. Following quite a while of work, a lot of residues can collect in the ventilation work. Before moving into your fantasy home, have an air channel cleaning expert have the conduits cleaned appropriately.

People most commonly asked How often should air ducts be cleaned. Some administration offices won’t suggest getting your channels cleaned. Their essential concern is that the roundabout brush which is embedded into the channels will wind up harming your ventilation work. It’s hence that you pose the correct inquiries, comprehend the channel cleaning measure, and are working with a legitimate organization that is completely guaranteed. But some companies like ductgurus are able to use tools and techniques that are suitable for your ducts and you need not worry about your ducts. They will be safe from any damage. For additional services visit ductgurus. Our services are effective and reliable.