dry vent cleaning

Dryer vent cleaning is a small task that homeowners often neglect. The dryer is a luxury item that many homeowners are happy to have. It is our mission to provide you a healthy environment. Ductgurus offers you many cleaning services. In which dry vent cleaning is also included. Which can have a big impact on the safety and health of your environment. Dirty dryer ventilation is a big risk. So, you must clean it first.

dryer vent cleaning

when will you need to clean the dryer vent?

There are many cases of fire in the dryer vent because people do not always know how to find the signs of dryer vent cleaning. So, here we will tell you some symptoms.

  • The dry vent needs cleaning when it becomes very hot.
  • When you feel a burning odor while running your dryer, it is probably lint. Means your dryer hose becomes very hot.
  • If you see lint or debris around the opening or coming from the opening, you should clean your dryer vent system.
  • And when you haven’t cleaned your dryer for one year.

dryer vent cleaning


There are actually many ways of dryer vent cleaning, one of which involves using only a flexible rotating brush that attaches to the vacuum. The angle of the brush reaches every corner of the dryer vents and crane while a powerful vacuum cleaner picks up debris inside. This is important because it not only prevents fire hazards, but also improves dryer performance when you need to reduce failures, improve performance, and reduce the need for repairs and replacement parts.  Another dry vent cleaning process that can not be done properly is inspection. That’s why our trained technician will use a digital flow meter to measure the flow rate of the dryer vent before and after cleaning to ensure increased airflow.


  • Dry vent cleaning is cost-saving. Because A new dryer costs a lot of money. Cleaning your dryer vents regularly helps you work better now and later, and helps you avoid expensive replacements.
  • It protects your clothes and maintains their shine. The clothes will dry faster and less lint will be left on them.
  • Reduce your electricity bill fast.
  • It Reduces the Risk of a dryer fire.
  • Increases the quality of indoor air and saves energy.
  • If you timely clean your dry vent it increases its performance and efficiency.

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