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Dryer Vent cleaning is the process by which fluff is removed from the dryer ventilation line, from the machine itself to external ventilation. This thread is highly flammable and the constant flow of hot air from the dryer makes the combination of dryer ventilation ducts an extreme fire hazard. Frequent and thorough cleaning of the ventilation duct is very important to protect the house from fire. Ductgurus will give effective service of dry vent cleaning.

Before discussing how to clean the dry vent with a leaf blower . It is important to know about.

dryer vent cleaning

What is Meant By Lint:

It is important to understand about lint. Before deciding to clean it. “Lint is a component of the tiny fibers in our clothes that separate during the washing and drying process.” When you wash your clothes, these tiny fibers are rinsed off along with the dirt from your clothes by rubbing the washing method. Many of them fit your clothes in the washing machine because your clothes are still wet. So, we say that Fabric fibers are formed due to friction mainly due to our wear.

Why is it necessary to remove the Lint:

Removing the lint from dryer vent is very important. Because dryer vent cleaning not works properly if there is a lint in the dryer vent. When clothes spin in the dryer, clothes, towels, and linens lose some of their fibers due to irritation and excessive heat. The lint filter traps many of these fibers to block the conduit. Hence, it is important to remove the lint due to following reasons:

  1. Dry your clothes fastly.
  2. Help your dryer so that they last longer.
  3. Reduce the risk of fire.
  4. Flow of air is easy by removing the lint.

Dryer Vent cleaning with  leaf Blower:dry vent cleaning

Here you get step-by-step guide How to  clean the dryer vent with a leaf blower….

Gain Access and remove the holes:

The first thing you must do when cleaning the dryer vent is to gain access to the clothes in the dryer. This helps to pulls the  dryer off the wall so you can work behind it. And then remove the hose from the vent. You can do it without tools or you have to open it.

Remove The cover From outside:

Then we will remove the cover from the external source of the vent. This will help to move the air  easily from the building. Otherwise, the air blown through the tube will create excessive pressure and damage the tube or even the leaf fan. After that  it may be necessary to loosen the screws covering the location.

Clean the Outside Part:

You must have the opportunity to clean the vent manually after removing the cover. For this purpose , you must use a brush or vacuum cleaner. That will help to eliminate the worst of the lint formed around the lid.


Insert the Leaf Blower and seal creates:

When the outside part is cleaned. Then we clean the inside the part by moving the leaf blower into the dryer vent. For this, we use a gas leaf blower It will works effectively. But some can be very strong, so make sure you don’t work with the highest setting, or you’ll damage the trigger.

We also use cordless or electric blower. Although bag blowers are not applicable when they take up  a lot of space.

Turn On the Leaf Blower:

When all is well, you can give a little blower to the leaf blower. Repeat several times, if everything feels right, you can last up to 30 seconds. Thus, this is very reliable to remove the dust from the dryer vent.

Check the Outside of the vent and clean it:

Check to see that the lint has been removed. Once again, clean around the outside vent.

After that put everything back on its place when all the lint and dust has been removed from the dryer vent. Reattach the dryer and screwing back on the external cover.

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