HVAC Duct Cleaning

The very air we breathe is often responsible for how we feel, both mentally and physically, and that includes the air inside our homes, too. To perform at our optimum every day, we need to reduce the number of pollutants that we’re exposed to on a daily base, and having our HVAC air ducts regularly cleaned can contribute significantly towards this.

Why is air quality in our homes so important?

Poor indoor air quality can have an immediate negative impact upon our health, and can include eye, nose and throat irritation, and even result in symptoms such as dizziness, headaches and fatigue. Due to the fact that many of these symptoms mimic those of allergies or common colds, many Americans don’t even realize that the way they’re feeling could be caused by the poor air quality inside their homes.

For anyone failing to address the causes of poor air quality inside their homes over an extended period of time – such as dirty or blocked HVAC air ducts – they may go on to experience more serious health concerns, such as respiratory diseases, cancer and even heart disease.

What can you do to improve the air quality in your home?

Proactiveness is key when it comes to having good indoor air quality (IAQ) circulating throughout your home, and having your HVAC air ducts cleaned on a regular basis, can help you achieve this safely and efficiently.

How often should you have your HVAC air ducts cleaned?

While the answer may vary for each household, typically, if you notice any of the below issues, you should call a technician and have them come out and clean the ducts as soon as possible:

  • Visible mold on the hard surfaces of your HVAC ducts and other components
  • Clogged ducts – whether from dust or debris, or after a remodeling project
  • Rodents or other pests inhabiting the ducts

Additionally, if you or anyone living in your home suffers from allergies, asthma or chronic illnesses, having the air ducts cleaned regularly can significantly improve the indoor air quality, in turn, minimizing their symptoms.

While the air we breathe outside of our homes may not be within our control, what we can do more to control, is the air inside our homes. If you’re not sure whether your HVAC air ducts need cleaning, or can’t remember when they were last professionally cleaned (if at all), simply call up a technician and have them come out and assess the system for any of the signs mentioned above. If your HVAC air ducts haven’t been cleaned in many months, the chances are that they’ll benefit from being professionally cleaned, and all members of your household will undoubtedly notice the difference, too.