Ultimate Guide to Air Duct Cleaning in NJ: Steps for a Dust-Free and Efficient HVAC System

Air ducts are installed and then left on their own in most households. Very few residents understand the concept of dust and dirt accumulation and its repercussions. If you have an HVAC system running 24/7 for the whole year, the chances of it being heavily clogged are very high. This is the reason why HVAC experts recommend periodic air duct inspection and cleaning. Finding a competent air duct cleaning service is a chore and hiring incompetent cleaners does more harm than good. I will be listing down the steps that are involved in a professional duct cleaning procedure so that you can ensure that your selected cleaning service is doing the job correctly.

Duct Inspection

The primary stage of performing a duct cleaning is to meticulously inspect all the ducts connected to the HVAC system. Depending upon the extent of clogging, the cleaning professional may require the use of a camera to inspect the duct. Pre-inspection is done to find out any cracks, leaks, or severe damage to the duct installed in the residence. Before beginning the cleaning process, the duct cleaning professional will plug these persistent leaks and repair the entire duct system.

Leveraging Negative Pressure

Cleaning professionals make use of negative pressure to force out the settled dust, dirt, and debris in your ventilation ducts. Professional cleaning services use (HEPA) vacuum that can effectively remove the dirt accumulation lodged in the crevices of the vents, vent openings, and other difficult-to-reach areas. Firstly, the side and connecting ducts are cleaned, and all the debris is forced down to the main connecting line. Then a powerful vacuuming tool is used to extract all the remaining particles inside the primary duct.

HVAC Cleaning

After cleaning the complete air duct system, the cleaning professionals then move on to inspecting and cleaning the installed HVAC systems and their components. Every major part of the system including furnace, evaporator coil, drain pan, air blower motor, etc is inspected and cleaned, to restore their maximum working potential. The inspection also reveals any inherent flaws in your systems that can be the root cause of the sub-par heating and cooling capacity.

Final Check

After the cleaning of all the air ducts installed in the house and the HVAC system is complete, the cleaning professionals will connect them and observe their working for some time. The final check also ensures that everything is properly fitted and connected, and the house owners do not have to avail of the cleaning or technicians service for the next few months.

Air duct cleaning extends the life of your HVAC system. It also makes sure that the air flowing into your house is free of any allergens and disease-causing microbes, that is seeping into the house via the cracks in the ducts. Periodic cleaning of air ducts helps you save a significant amount on operating costs, and ensure optimum air quality for you and your family.