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Disinfecting / Sanitizing / Deodorizing-old

Indoor air quality has been suggested to be significantly more polluted than outdoor air, as cited by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). With the completion of the full source removal cleaning, and the HVAC system and ductwork clear of debris, Duct Gurus NJ air duct cleaning technicians will fog the system with our disinfectant treatment. For peace of mind, Duct Gurus has turned to Envirocon, an unscented, EPA approved formula, that is both child and pet safe. Envirocon does not mask odors but rather eliminates them at the source by oxidizing and attacking odor-causing bacteria.

Envirocon is our tried and true choice for disinfectant fogging treatments. We have used this product for several years, in hospitals, schools and of course, residential homes. Choose the trusted, tested product, applied properly and completely by experienced professionals.

It is not uncommon for NJ air duct cleaning service professionals to encounter circumstances known as Sick-Building Syndrome, which describe situations in which building occupants experience symptoms – that may range from coughing or sneezing to sore throat or worse – when they are inside of their home or building, and especially when the HVAC system is running, but these symptoms do not persist outside of the building. This suggests that there is build-up within the ductwork, negatively impacting the indoor air quality of the building, home or office. The Duct Gurus will use full source removal techniques to completely eliminate buildup from the HVAC system and the ductwork, before treating the system with Envirocon deodorizer fog. If you believe that you may be experiencing Sick-Building Syndrome in Middlesex County, Monmouth County, Union County, Morris County, Essex County, Somerset County, NJ and more, contact the Duct Gurus, (732) 812-7799 or

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