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Exterior Bird-Guard Installations-old

In the state of New Jersey, dryer vent code requires the exterior bird-guard / termination point, to be in working condition, free of obstructions and damage. A quality bird-guard installation will allow for strong air-flow from the dryer exhaust while also safe-guarding against the entry of birds and other animals. This enhances the safety of the home owner, while also forcing the animals to find a safer place make their home.

The Duct Gurus offer a variety of choices, ranging from inexpensive plastic options to galvanized steel and magnetized options for those who wish to invest a bit more, while benefiting from the product’s longevity and aesthetic beauty.

No matter which bird-guard works for you, residents and building owners of Middlesex County, Monmouth County, Union County, Morris County, Essex County, Somerset County, NJ and more can rest assured that installation will be performed with a meticulous approach, so that installations are level, secure and complete.

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