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HVAC Cleaning The Importance of Opening Your Windows Even During Winter

During the winter season, while it might be cold outside, if it’s bright and sunny, it’s the perfect time to open your windows for a short while every day; you’re A/C isn’t operating and there’s no pollen. Fresh air has long been associated with our health and wellbeing, and it’s no different when the air is inside our homes.

Read on to find out more reasons why it can be beneficial to open your windows on a bright, sunny winter day:

Improves the quality of the air inside your home

Did you know that the air inside your home is often full of irritating pollutants? Things like pet dander, mold, dust mites and many other potentially harmful pollutants can all contribute towards poor air quality inside the home, and when exposed to them, you and other members of the household may begin to suffer from a variety of health-related issues. Nausea, allergies, headaches and congestion are all things that you might experience from breathing in polluted air, and often, dirty air ducts in your HVAC system are the culprit.

Aside from having your air ducts professionally cleaned at least once a year (more if you have pets or experience the above health symptoms frequently), you can improve your indoor air quality by simply throwing your windows open every once in a while. How often you do so during the winter may well depend on the outside temperature, but allowing the crisp, cold air to flow through your home will help to cleanse the indoor environment.

Gets rid of nasty odors

During the winter months, odors can easily build up inside your home due to an increase in moisture and humidity caused by the home being sealed for weeks on end. From a musty bathroom, to dirty laundry and damp dogs, opening your windows periodically during this season can help to purify the air and make your entire home smell fresher and more inviting.

Improve your brain power

Science has long proven that fresh air helps to clear your mind and refresh your thought processes, with some studies having shown that students and employees alike, tend to be more productive and learn faster when exposed to air that has been properly ventilated.

Fresh air is also said to help improve heart rate and blood pressure, cleanse the lungs and strengthen the immune system. Just by inhaling clean air, you can boost the levels of oxygen in your blood and promote the release of serotonin, which has the rather pleasant effect of lifting your mood. If outside temperatures aren’t too unbearable, try to open at least some of the windows in your home once a day to help eliminate contaminants and airborne particles that serve only to pollute your indoor air quality. Do also ensure that you have your HVAC air ducts professionally inspected and cleaned at least every six months, to make sure they’re working at their most efficient level, and aren’t responsible for circulating dirty air throughout your home.